Backyard Games

Dreaming of Toys Backyard Games has Children's sports toys to keep kids fit and active. This Adjustable Training Hurdle is perfect for young children. There's also Family Fun Games like this Basketball Toss Game Set where everyone can Increase their throwing accuracy. Or love basketball, how about a 6' Basketball Shooting Goal or this 4' Basketball Shooting Goal. Both have No backboard, so no banking meaning Players can shoot from all sides. This Promotes higher scoring for younger players.

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This outdoor climbing rope by Dreaming of Toys comes with 5 knots for climbing is suitable for a tre..
A most exciting swing especially when attached to a tree branch or swing frame. From Dreaming of Toy..
Made with smooth hardwood rungs and sturdy nylon knotted rope. Suitable for indoor/outdoor above a s..
Provides endless hours of fun with many different uses! From Dreaming of Toys, use this as a cra..
Allow players to shoot from all sides! Goals are portable, lightweight, and assemble in minutes. Thi..
Provides endless hours of fun with many different uses! Use as a crawl-inside treadmill, fill it..
No backboard = no banking. Players can shoot from all sides and promote higher scoring for younger p..
This adjustable training hurdle is perfect for young children. Sturdy multi-color plastic hurdle..
A great alternative to cage balls, air shape balls provide feather-light fun. Shapes float effortles..
Increase your throwing accuracy with these new, fun toss games from Dreaming of Toys. Colorful vinyl..
Help Camo Chameleon catch flies and bugs! The double-sided bean bag toss game from Dreaming of Toys ..
Play indoors or out with these new Chess/Checkers Sets from Dreaming of Toys. Games include an overs..
Play indoors our out with these Chess/Checkers Sets from Dreaming of Toys. Games include an oversize..
Catch more fun at the beach or in your backyard with these soft, self-stick mitts and balls from Dre..
Pick a team--red or yellow--and take turns tossing the self-sticking beanbags at the turtle-shaped f..
Two kid-sized racquets featuring turtle shell designs, Dilly Dally's smiling face, and a boing-y sur..
Disco Flyer from Dreaming of Toys! Professionally designed Made in Denmark Size 9.8" Diamet..
Inflatable foam resin construction. Not a foam coated ball. Rotational molded, without seams. High t..
Have tremendous fitness fun from Dreaming of Toys! Roll the dice and then perform the exercise:4 jum..
Fitness Trampoline Game Pack! Dreaming of Toys Fitness Trampoline GamePak introduces fun, energet..