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We're in the thick of summer. Hot, sunny days and sweaty, sticky nights. School's been out for a little while and I'm sure some (all?) of you have already heard, "I'm bored!" Hopefully, their imaginations will keep them occupied for the next few weeks. Summer will fade away all too soon and we'll be back into our routines before we know it. This will soon seem like a distant memory :(


And while all this is going on at your home...the toy industry is gearing up for the busiest time of the year. Christmas.


Yup, I said it. If you have little people in your lives, after Hallowe'en, the countdown is on! Every year there are one or two toys that become "the toy". Last year I sat back in disbelief and watched Facebook groups explode where people had a prized Hatchimal and were auctioning them off to the highest bidder! And we've all seen far too many news reports of brawls breaking out over grabbing the last one off the shelf. Incredible.


I know of families where they would buy the trendy toy their child was into months before...only to learn that the fad had passed and the son or daughter was "so over" all the things that were hidden away in the bedroom closet. Ugh.


This year it seems we'll see a re-appearance from and '80s classic...Teddy Ruxpin! He'll be new and improved of course and ready to be friends. (This child of the '80s is feeling a bit nostalgic.) Tech like Virtual Reality units, 3D printers, drones etc. are common now in the lives of grown-ups but now they're coming out with children's toy applications.


So, have you heard rumblings already? Any hints dropped? Increasing your strength-training to fend off fellow shoppers? Save yourself the hassle, the gas, and shop online (wink, wink).


Trends come and go quicker (hello, fidget spinners!) every year. I remember when I was sat down with scissors, glue, a piece of card paper and the Sears Catalogue (RIP). That was how I made my wish list and it was hung proudly on Santa could see it when he was doing his reconnaissance for the upcoming trip. I feel like if you took the time to cut it out and glue it down, you were kind of committed to it. Now it's a text or an email that's updated regularly. I shudder to think how my kids are going to inform me of what they wish for when they're old enough to do so.


The light will fade and the temperatures will cool soon enough. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. For now enjoy the fresh air, the slower pace and watch your children play and learn. It's the greatest show on earth.

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