The Wonder of it All

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Well, they were right again! 


"They" say you'll enjoy Christmas more when you have kids. "They" say a lot of things, but in this case, "they" are right.


These last few years, I must admit the holidays had become very much about all the things that had to be done, all the gifts that needed buying (ugh, and then the wrapping) and all the activities that needed to be crammed into our already busy lives. Yes, parts of it were enjoyable and fun, but it just wasn't quite the same. As a kid, I remember the excitement, the sheer glee that came with the season but as a thirty-something adult it had become more about a couple of days off work and the opportunity to sleep in, live in pajamas and eat cookies for breakfast. And lunch. And maybe a couple more after dinner.


Last week I came home the other day to find my husband had put up our Christmas tree and the lights. My first thought was, it's too early!  I shook my head and all these thoughts ran through my head about all the "stuff" that was going to be put out around the house for Christmas. All the clutter, all the things we have to keep two little boys away from for the next month and I was stressed just thinking about it. Then, something wonderful happened. And, because it's 2017 and I have my phone with me everywhere, I took a picture and captured this wonderful moment. 


One of our boys had climbed up onto his favorite chair and stared, in wonder, at the tree and its lights. They've both been very good for the most part at simply looking and not touching the tree - we'll see how long that lasts! And in that moment, I remembered what it was like to be a kid, to stare at the tree and be amazed.  So, that is when I decided I'd do my best to make this season and the ones following, different than the last ones had been. And that was down to me. Enjoy the moments. Take in everything. And more importantly, watch your kids enjoy the season. Look at them as they see all the lights, the sounds, smells, and tastes that come with this time of year. When you see their faces it all makes sense why we do this. 


It's something we strive for and struggle with on a daily basis as busy parents; being present for your children.  If you find yourself stressing about all the things and stuff,  think about the tree and lights and remember whats important. Spend time with your kids, play with them, share with them.  These moments are the best gifts we get from this season. Make as many as you can! 


And then still have cookies for breakfast :)


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