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Ssshhhhh. There's a secret you need to know about. When kids play, they learn! But don't tell them, they're just having fun!  


You may have noticed a number of our social media posts recently that show the benefits of play and how measurably it affects a child's development. Let's take that development one step further...


STEM is a term used to describe those toys that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This then grew to STEAM adding in Arts and most recently evolved again to STREAM adding in robotics. There are over 50,000 toys that can be placed in these categories.  As with all trends, it's best to be a bit discerning with your choices and don't just pick up a bag of marbles labeled STEM :)


These toys are the foundation for sparking your boys and girls interest in what could be their future careers. Fields which, according to many are some of the fastest growing and promising. 


Perhaps you have a future Engineer, a Computer Coder in the making or someone who'll make a life-changing discovery in a science laboratory! 


Pinterest is loaded with pages for these types of toys and activities and some retailers are dedicating entire sections of their stores specifically to this movement. (Coincidentally, we also have a fine selection). 


If kids can learn and discover things about themselves and the world around them we're all the better for it. Share with us your favourite STEM/STEAM/STREAM activities  - we want to hear all about them!

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