Spring Cleaning!

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According to the calendar, it's spring. The view outside my window says otherwise. It's snowing.




While we are itching for the snow to melt and the green grass to reappear, we've been busy behind the scenes. You may notice in the coming weeks changes in our product offerings.

We're going through and fine-tuning what we have to make the most of your littles play time.  


The littles in our life - the inspiration for this store - recently turned two. Twin toddlers in the 'terrible twos' seem to be just as busy and as much a source of laughter as they've always been, but that may change as time goes on.  The time is also approaching our one year anniversary of becoming business owners. It's been a big learning curve, a lot of hours but also a lot of fun! 

This blog post may be short n' sweet (like me!) but we're busy with a lot of changes coming your way. Hopefully, we'll get outside soon!

Is the snow gone yet?


How about now?






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