Are we there yet?

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We're at the half-way mark for most summer breaks. Raise your hand if you've heard "Are we there yet?" from the back seat of your family vehicle this summer? Did you echo it in your mind longing for the first day of School? "Is it September yet?" is a terse whisper that can be heard from parents and guardians across the land. :)


While it's frustrating in the moment, this season will be over all too quickly and the routine of fall and then winter will come before we know it or want it too. Some stores are not helping (Costco, I see your snowsuits...I'm looking at you, lol).  So for now, let's enjoy all the hours of sunshine and fresh air we can. Get those littles in your life out and playing and learning. Just because school's out doesn't mean they can learn new things!


Have I mentioned how awesome it is watching your child figure out something new? It's literally a lightbulb moment for them and to be there to witness it is so much fun. Things we as adults don't even think about anymore, they struggle with and at times want to quit and ask for help or for us to do it for them...but if they keep at it and eventually figure it out...they are so proud and pleased with themselves. The curiosity, the first, second, third attempt - perseverance is necessary - then the success to celebrate! 


It's moments like these that we want to help create more of. These are some of the most important memories children need in their lives.  Helping them to grow into well-rounded, healthy and happy children is what motivates us to keep looking for new and innovate products. We want to provide the tools to help them develop and grow.  


Keep an eye out for these AHA! moments and send us pictures of them if you can!


Enjoy the rest of your summer!







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